Role Model

Family Counselling Centre

The scheme of Family Counselling Centres (FCCs) was launched by Government of India in 1983 and is implemented by Centre for Social Welfare Board. Sampurna is running FCC since 2000. The FCCs were set up for reuniting the families and helping the clients to resolve their disputes through a process of dialogue. Sampurna has dealt with the cases of domestic violence, cases of abuse within the families, missing children and runaway cases through this project. Through this project, Sampurna gained experience of dealing with the cases of husband-wife conflict, sibling rivalry, children and parents conflicts. Till now over 2,500 cases have been successfully handled. We are working in close collaboration with local administration, police, courts, medical and psychiatric institutions, vocational training centres and short stay homes etc. to provide the best possible assistance to our clients.

Following cases are dealt with in this project:

  1. Dowry demand
  2. Violent behaviour of the spouse
  3. Maladjustment with the in- laws
  4. Ego issues
  5. Extra marital affairs
  6. Drug addiction
  7. Economic crisis
  8. Problem with the children

Assistance provided by FCC:

  1. Family counselling
  2. Group Counselling
  3. Financial assistance
  4. Emotional support
  5. Legal counselling
  6. Working closely with Delhi Police, Crime against women cell, protection officer, councillor, MLA, Child welfare committee, DCPCR, NCPCR, DCW, NCW for providing the best possible assistance to the client.